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Okay so this is going to be a personal post for me but I thought it was important for me, and hopefully helpful to others, if we start talking openly about it!

Over the last couple of months I’ve started to notice some obvious symptoms of the dreaded menopause creeping up on me. I’m 47 and extremely active so I thought I’d fight it off for a little longer but nope, here I am already with strange little mood swings, feeling hot, dizzy, tired (I mean sooooooo tired 💤 ), lacking energy and for me personally, the worse of all the symptoms so far…. brain fog!!!!

Oh and did I mention tired???

Luckily my team is made up of women of all different ages, who aren’t afraid to discuss how we are feeling and give each other support and guidance. So when I sat rather forlornly in the local gym changing room a few days ago, lacking my usual motivation and determination to hit the treadmill, it was my colleague and friend Lindsey who said “have you seen @davinamccall talking about the menopause?”

So on her recommendation I watched Davina McCall: Sex, Myths and the Menopause and loved every second of it - and whilst I’m not quite ready to go down the HRT route yet - I realised it’s so important that I don’t deny what is happening to my body and instead start to make a few really positive lifestyle changes. So here’s my first draft list:

💪 New fitness regime - more weights to build strength and a regular hike or mountain climb (which I love doing anyway) to improve general fitness.

🍏 Healthier diet - extra portions of fruit and veg and more water and fresh orange juice.

🍊 Daily supplements and multivitamins. I’d love to here other people’s experience of taking these?

🛌 More relaxation - a day off a week to just go walking and…breathe 🙂 I’m going to call it my #wednesdaywalk

I’m sure many of our brides will be experiencing similar symptoms and I’d love to hear how you’re all dealing with it and what lifestyle changes you’ve made?

Let’s get talking about it all together ladies….

#menopause #perimenopause #menopausesymptoms #menopausesupport #menopauseawareness