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My wedding and the pics are in….

lace wedding dress

Oh WOW!!!! The time has finally come for me to share my own wedding pics, and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am (and yes a little nervous too lol) ♥️

I’m a big believer that weddings should be personal to you, big or small doesn’t matter as long as they are full of laughter, tears of joy and precious moments.

In our case it was really important to us that our wedding was not just about the two of us, but about our new family of four, together with our kids, and I think our wonderful photographer @wildrosesphoto has captured that perfectly.

I cannot thank Bethan at Wild Roses Photography enough for being so amazing and capturing every precious moment and I also want to say a huge thank you to each and every wedding industry friend who helped make our day so special 🥰

And yes, to answer the million-dollar question…my dress was created by one of our favourite Designers Claire Pettibone so thank you from the bottom of my heart to the team in California for making my perfect dress 💕

Dress | Cora by @clairepettibone from @laceandcobridal
Photographer | @wildrosesphoto
Venue | Scottish Highlands
Hair Accessories | @mirandatempletontiaras
Flowers | Rustic & Roses
Bridal shoes | @rachelsimpsonshoes
Bridesmaid shoes | @perfectbridalco
Hair | Kenneth’s Hair Stylist
Bridesmaid Dress | @moteemaids from @bijoubridalboutique
Rings | @portmansjewellers

This week I’m going to dedicate my posts to all our incredible suppliers so apologies in advance that there’s a serious amount of wedding pics coming your way.

Thank you again everyone and big love to you all ♥️ Heidi & Jerry xx

Go sassy with vintage wedding dresses


So you know you don’t want a traditional wedding dress but you aren’t really sure what the alternative is. Everyone is talking about the trend for boho but you feel you want a different style altogether. Maybe a bit of sparkle, maybe something a little more sassy and curvaceous, maybe even something from a different era – and then it hits you! What about a vintage dress? You love all things vintage after all, so having a vintage style dress could be perfect for you….

vintage dress
vintage dress
vintage dress

Just one thing….what does having a vintage style wedding dress actually mean?

Well the one thing is doesn’t often mean in the wedding world, is wearing an original vintage dress. Ladies in the 20th Century were typically a different size and shape from the modern woman so a truly vintage dress often won’t fit today’s body shape. Add to that the fact that the fabric has probably faded over time, the split wine stain never quite disappeared and the dress was originally altered to fit someone else entirely and the likelihood is that the reality of a truly vintage dress doesn’t quite match the dream! So then, imagine yourself in a new version of an old classic – a stunning vintage inspired bridal gown that is hand made just for you.

Vintage collections by Elza Jane Howell

In the boutique, we are proud to stock a sensational 1920s inspired bridal collection by Eliza Jane Howell. Each dress in this collection is designed by renowned fashion designer Gill Harvey and is individually made by combining exquisite traditional and modern beading techniques and patterns. Many of the vintage gowns also have stunning embellishments or embroidery added for extra dramatic effect. It is the blend of old and new that makes an Eliza Jane Howell dress truly unique and an heirloom piece to be passed on to the next generation.

Do I have to be a certain size to wear a vintage dress?

Absolutely not! To wear a vintage dress requires only one thing – a good dose of sass! All the dresses are available in the boutique in a size 4 to 30 and one of the loveliest things about Eliza Jane Howell wedding dresses is that they are cut on the bias so look sensational on a curvier figure. Add in a few tassels or mirrored glass effect and you are totally going to Rock that Wedding!!

vintage dress
vintage dress
vintage dress

Can I have my vintage wedding dress in a different colour?

Heck yes. Most of the dresses in the collection come in a wonderful array of vintage inspired colours. We are not talking pastel pink here – we are talking snow white, metallic gold, pearl ivory, antique silver, platinum, nickel, rose d’or, vampire, chartreuse and even orgasm (yes really!)

How would I style a vintage wedding dress?

A lot of our brides ask this question and the answer is simply however you want. Don’t think that just because you are wearing a vintage dress, you have to accessorise it with a feather headpiece, elbow length white gloves and a long cigarette holder. Far from it! A lot of celebrities (Sharon Stone, Shirley Kemp and half the cast of Strictly Come Dancing) wear this designer’s gowns and they certainly don’t accessorise it in a cliched way. A lot of brides love to wear a matching Eliza jane Howell headpiece or dramatic veil but equally you can really soften the look with colourful flowers and a simple pearl or floral vine in your hair.An eclectic mix of boho and vintage is often the perfect blend for our brides.

Does vintage just mean the 1920s?

We have talked a lot here about the 20s style of vintage dresses but we are proud to say that we have dresses from lots of different eras in the boutique – including a gorgeous collection of 1940s and 1950s tea-length and calf-length wedding dresses by House of Mooshki.

Contact us now to make an appointment to view all the dresses in our stunning vintage bridal collections.

What is a boho style wedding dress?

boho wedding dress
boho wedding dress

We often get brides in the boutique who are having a bohemian themed wedding or are looking for a boho style wedding dress. But what does that actually mean?

Unconventional, nomadic, spirited, adventurous? Yes, all of these and so much more. We like to think a Lace & Co Bride is style conscious but not led by fashion trends or tradition and is looking for a non-traditional gown that is as unique as she is.

What a lot of people don’t realise is that there is not just one style of ‘boho’ in the wonderful world of wedding dresses.

Typically boho means free-flowing, romantic, soft, floaty. A dress that could easily be worn at a festival or gig and is most often lovingly created with yards of soft chiffon or organza. Styling wise this type of dress is often accompanied by a striking flower crown, pretty flats or sandals, a large bouquet of wild flowers and a relaxed venue covered with little fairy lights for an extra dose of romance. And of course don’t forget the hog roast and hay bale games because it’s all about the party and simply having a good time with your family and friends!

The second type of boho which has more recently grown in popularity is a kind of city chic boho – think gritty urban style, industrial arches and graffiti backdrops, contrasting with simple, clean cut crepe skirts and stunning geometric lace bodices.

I am delighted to say that at Lace & Co we have both these styles absolutely nailed…and just to add even more choice to the mix, we have another style of boho for you as well!

We refer to it as Boho with Wow Factor!!!

Whilst a lot of brides who love boho deliberately want a dress that is effortlessly simple, understated, romantic – some brides want something a little extra! They want the florals, soft colours and striking designs of a boho dress but with a little added drama – a long train, a bit of sparkle, a dramatic sleeve or even a hand-painted design.

boho dress
boho wedding dress
boho wedding dress
boho wedding dress

So do we do all these styles at Lace & Co? Of course we do. In fact it is is EXACTLY what we do!!! We are proud to say we have one of the largest collections of boho style dresses in Yorkshire and brides regularly visit us from across the UK to find their dream bohemian dress.

Contact us today for more information or to make an appointment to see our gorgeous collections from a range of International Designers showcasing the epitome of modern boho styles including Rembo Styling, Marylise Bridal, Savin London, Love Story Bride and Claire Pettibone.

Your dream dress is waiting for you!