Online Consultation

Online Consultation

To help you choose the perfect style of dress, we would like to offer you a personal consultation at our beautiful bridal boutique in Yorkshire. However we appreciate that not every one has the time to come to the boutique or maybe you just want to see what style we think would suit you first.

If you would prefer to complete an Online Consultation, please feel free to use our Online Consultation Form below, answering a few simple questions so we can get a better understanding of what you are looking for and what your measurements are in order to suggest the style of dress that we think would suit you best. We will then respond with some tailored recommendations.

If you would like any tips on completing the form click below.

Online Consultation Form

Consultation Form

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We have been spoilt for choice this evening with some truly gorgeous photos from our #Lacebride Amy of her wearing her incredible @savinlondon dress 💕 but if I had to pick one face it is this little beauty by her fabulous photographer @deliciousphotography_weddings. Thank you so much Amy for sharing your pics with us x

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Just catching up on photos and have instantly fallen in love with this beautiful image of #Lacebride Amy and Jordan’s wedding by @deliciousphotography_weddings, the colours are exquisite and Amy’s dress by @savinlondon looks sensational ♥️ #realbride #lacebride #savin #weddingphotography #beunique

We loved every second of the time we spent with this lovely #Lacebride @natalia_jl and were thrilled when she sent us this gorgeous photo of her wearing her beautiful @savinlondon dress. Congratulations Natalia and thank you for letting us share a part of your wedding journey 💕xx

How gorgeous is the neckline on our lovely Susanne’s favourite dress? Ada by @elizajanehowell is in the boutique this weekend only!

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Loving this little beauty by @elizajanehowell that has arrived in the boutique for our Designer Event this weekend 💗

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Eek we’re so excited at all these gorgeous dresses which have just arrived for the @elizajanehowell Designer Event that that is happening in the boutique THIS WEEKEND ♥️ Have you booked your place yet?

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Notes for completing Personal Consultation Form

  • Please feel free to leave any sections blank if you are not sure of the answer
  • Get a friend to help you take your measurements if necessary
  • Always use a vinyl measuring tape
  • Specify whether the measurements are in cm or inches
  • Measuring the bust – wearing your bra, stand straight upright with your heels together and your arms at your side. Take the tape around the widest part of your back and bring it across the fullest part of your breast
  • Measuring the waist – Take the tape around the smallest part of the waist, typically an inch or so above your belly button
  • Measuring the hips – Measure around your hips 9″ to 10″ down from your waist which goes around the center of your bottom.
  • Measuring your height – measure from the top of your head to the end of your toes
  • Measuring your shoulders – measure the width of your shoulders from one shoulder bone to the other